AI for the Planet


Charlotte Degot

BCG & BCG Gamma

Directrice associée, Fondatrice et Directrice monde de la solution CO2 AI by BCG


Charlotte is a Partner at BCG GAMMA, BCG's entity dedicated to Data Science and Advanced Analytics She leads the climate topic for BCG GAMMA globally. As part of her role, she leads teams that help corporations, public institutions and NGOs tackle the climate topic leveraging Artificial Intelligence and Data Science. BCG GAMMA’s span of action covers GHG emissions tracking and reduction, adaptation and resilience, with a wide range of applications, e.g. ○ Using machine learning and computer vision to estimate soil carbon sequestration in agriculture ○ Using advanced optimization to reduce emissions in heavy industry manufacturing without compromising output One key aspect of Charlotte’s day to day role is to bridge the gap from strategic intention to action when it comes to climate and reducing CO2 emissions. For this, she and her team at BCG GAMMA have conceived a patented approach which allows corporations to get automated, frequent and granular information on their emissions (from scope 1 to 3) and optimize emissions where it matters the most, together with costs.

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