AI for the Planet

We are excited to share the first AI for the Planet Alliance x BCG report, "How AI Can Be a Powerful Tool in the Fight Against Climate Change"

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A multidisciplinary global platform to drive AI solutions for climate change at scale

In 2022 AI for the Planet is proud to announce the creation of an unprecedented initiative to accelerate AI projects to address climate change. With its Advisory Board, the Climate Change initiative will support its goals by identifying the most promising AI solutions and mobilising a strong ecosystem around it.


In collaboration with the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation (UNESCO) and the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP), Startup Inside launched the AI for the Planet initiative in February 2021. In our previous editions, we have gathered and highlighted international actors committed to Artificial Intelligence for the Planet.

An event that did highlight concrete initiatives and use cases from the French-speaking world, in order to share best practices, celebrate successes and inspire new actions and collaborations in this field.

SpeakersWe thank them for sharing their vision, their use-cases. Let's put People at the heart of sustainable development.