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Surfrider Foundation Europe - The Plastic Origins Project

The goal of the Plastic Origins project is to map river plastic pollution to localize hotspots and urge decision makers to take action where it’s the most urgent. Here is how our data are collected: 1. Volunteers walk or kayak along rivers and record riverbanks on video using our app. Anyone can become a volunteer and help us collect data. You just need to follow a 30 minutes online training. 2. Videos are uploaded on our server and analysed by our artificial intelligence algorithm which detect and count litter items. 3. Results are published and shared under opensource format on Our mapping uses an indicator based on the number of litter items detected per kilometres of riverbanks. 4. Anyone can use the data to urge decision makers to set up measures on most affected areas. Surfrider will bring those data to the national and European level.

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