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Stuart Crane


Global Programme Coordinator on SDG6


Stuart has worked for the United Nations for the last 10 years supporting governments with managing the natural environment so that ecosystems can continue to provide goods and services to both people and the planet. Stuart is currently working as the Global Coordinator an on SDG 6 freshwater monitoring project on behalf of the United Nations Environment Programme, where he provides programmatic oversight for reporting national progress towards SDG targets on water resources management, water quality and the protection of freshwater ecosystems. Stuart is UNEPs technical lead on SDG indicator 6.6.1 which tracks the extent to which different types of freshwater ecosystems are changing over time. He has recently led the development of UNEPs Freshwater Ecosystems Explorer, an interactive geo-spatial data portal, enabling countries to observe first hand dynamic changes occurring to their freshwater ecosystems. Stuart has a bachelor’s degree in Environmental Science and a master’s degree in International Development obtained from the Institute of Development Studies of Sussex University in the UK.

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